Welcome to my blog! I wanted to start blogging when I first found out I was pregnant - really just to keep family and friends updated on the progress of the baby, but now that our little man is almost 4 months old, I thought what better time than now to start sharing what is going on in the Castelli household!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm new to this...kind of!

I have been putting this off for a long time now!  Justin started a blog about a year ago, and he told me I should start one to keep everyone in my life that doesn't live in Indy informed about our pregnancy!  After the first couple of months of being pregnant, I really didn't think anyone would care to hear about how exhausted and hungry and nauseous I was feeling!  I then got consumed with losing my job, starting a fabulous new job, managing the construction of finishing our basement, and putting a nursery together...all while trying to take care of myself and my precious baby-on-board!  Needless to say, blogging wasn't the first thing on my mind!  Sooooo, now that our little guy is the center of our world, I want to be able to share it with any and everyone who wants to listen (or read)!  I am new to this whole blogging thing, kind of!  I used to work for a blogging software company - and I hated having to blog at work, but I think blogging about my life should be a lot less painful!

Whew, my first blog post is down! :)  That wasn't so horrible!  I'll talk to you soon!

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